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Professional Experience in Arts and Crafts

Inês Sena Cunha

Professional Experience in Arts and Crafts: CV

Commissioned work for Biodiversity Illustrated project  (EU/ Iceland)                                                       

June  2023 - August 2023

Creation of 9 original illustrations to be included on the Biodiversity Illustrated Handbook—coo-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. 

Commissioned work for Porto University  (Portugal)  

May 2023 - July 2023

Development of the Visual Identity and Editorial Design of the Project ATLANTIDA ( theatlantidaproject/). 

Commissioned work for Porto University  (Portugal)  

May 2023 - July 2023

Development of the Visual Identity and Editorial Design of the Policy Brief associated with Project ATLANTIDA . 

Commissioned work for  Vila Verde Municipality (Portugal)                     

April 2023 - present

Development of 3 wood panels (2.10 x 1.22 m each) inspired by the biodiversity of the local area and co-created with a local group of people with special needs.   

Animator for the Studio Amarela Mecânica  (Portugal)

November 2022 - June 2023

Participation in the Projetct Esquizoframe, directed by Paulo D’Alva, as a line art animator 

Commissioned work for the USA Department of the Interior

February 2022 - Present

Creation on infographics for a revision paper on the main impacts of heat waves on marine life, in authorship of Professor John Piatt (US Department of the Interior) and Bill Montevecchi (Memorial University, Newfoundland, Canada), to be submitted in 2023 to the Journal Inter-Research Science Publisher ( 

Master in Illustration and Animation (IPCA, Portugal)

October 2020 - March 2023

Workshop about Design applied to Pottery and Ceramics (IPCA, Portugal)

January 2022 - June 2022

Attendance to a 160 hours/ 6 months long course composed of 8 models encompassing all aspects of Pottery and Ceramics on a theoretical and practical level.
Anticipated complition June 2022.

Commissioned work for the Kayak&Puffins Company (Westman Islands, Iceland)

February 2022

Logo design for an ecoutouristic company placed in Iceland. For more information about this project check the following link:

Workshop about armature construction for Stop Motion pupets

November 2021

Attendance to a week long course centered on the construction of semi-professional armatures for Stop Motion puppets, using wire, metal sheets and brass, lectured by Professor and Animator Sandra Santos.

Commissioned work for the International Puffin Congress (USA)

May 2021

Delievered logo designs for a project developed under the wing of the expert researcher Dr. John Piatt - The International Puffing Congress - a platform being developped to provid environmental education content about sea birds, marine ecosystems and climate change, under the flag of the most charismatic and iconic species.

Participation in the DEMOLA Project (Portugal)

Março 2021

Illustration development for the Digital Experiential Crafts (Cocreation Portugal) inserted in the Demola Platform - an international innovation challenge platform that brings together students and leading brands. More information about the project here: https://

Commissioned work for Elding Whale Watching Company (Reykjavik, Iceland)

October 2019 - July 2020

Development of illustrations and designs to applied on different products of Elding's souvenir shop. Creation of illustration to be integrated in informative manual about all aspects of the tour, for the passangers. Development of a banner design to be integrated in the company's website (

Commissioned work for the Wildlife Research Center of the South of Iceland

May 2020

Collaboration with the Director of the Wildlife Research Center of the South of Iceland and Head of Atlantic Puffin (Fratercula artica) Research in Iceland, Erpur Hansen. Creation of a logo to embellish the van used during the “Puffin Rally” (monitoring campaign that takes place every year during the summer season to assess the Atlantic Puffin population across Iceland. For more information please consult the official website of the Wildlife Research Center of the South of Iceland ( or its official Facebook page (

Commissioned work for CETUS Project (Porto, Portugal)

May 2016

Collaboration with CETUS Project (associated with CIIMAR Research Center in Porto) led by Mafalda Correia. CETUS’ mission is to protect cetaceans through research based on distribution data and habitat modeling and environmental education. For more information please consult CETUS official webpage (

Commissioned work for CIIMAR Research Center (Porto, Portugal)

April 2016

Participation in the crowdfunding “Não deixe os Charcos sem Vida” (Do not leave puddles without life) conducted by CIIMAR Research Center, Porto. The goal of this campaign was to promote the citizens’ participation in the puddles’ preservation. Creation of one of the designs (please consult portfolio) that was printed on the products included in the donation reward kit. This campaign was very successful. For more information, please check the forward link:

Educational Qualification in Scientific Illustration (Aveiro University, Portugal)

October - November 2012

Attendance and completion of a subject related with Scientific Illustration Techniques (Técnicas de Ilustração Cientifica I) in Aveiro University, Portugal.

Educational Qualification in Drawing Techniques (Porto University, Portugal)

October 2011 - June 2012

Free course about Drawing Techniques (Desenho de Figura Humana) lectured by Professor Ricardo Leite in the Faculty of Belle Arts of Porto University.

Educational Qualification in Photography (Porto University, Portugal)

February - June 2010

Attendance and completion of a subject related with photography technics (Laboratório de Fotografia) in the Belle Art Faculty of Porto University, Portugal.

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