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My Story: About

My Story

Inês Sena Cunha

As a biologist with a strong background in Wildlife Research and Conservation, I have been constantly bouncing between the world of the Natural Sciences and the realm of the Arts and Crafts. I am now chasing the opportunity to blend both, hoping it might kindle the passion of the crowds towards Nature.

Throughout the course of my career, I had the opportunity to work with different institutions all around the world (Portugal, Croatia, the Netherlands, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Iceland) while participating in different Wildlife Research/ Conservation Projects.

Somewhere along the way it became quite clear that Public Awareness leads a key role in the battle for Wildlife Conservation. Believing that at times an image can be enough to trigger the viewer into digging more information about a certain matter, LimboCraft is actively pursuing opportunities to support different Research Bodies, NGOs or Ecotourism Institutions. 

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